No. ServiceDesk does not charge its customers a fee. The only time you will have to pay anything is when you book a service.
We have a review and approval process that includes an identity check. This requires individuals and businesses to prove who they are by submitting verification documents.
Choose login on the upper right corner of Locate and click the forgot password link at the bottom of the login window. Enter the password you used during signup.
Tasks can be small tech projects that you need completed. This could range from website design to building your office network. A task could be something for the home as well. Perhaps you need a TV mounted and configured to work with the Internet. List it in the tasks section and let's see who bids for the job.

Tech Provider

You are charged a marketing fee of 10% when someone books your service. Think of it as a customer acquisition fee.

If you sign up as a Tech Provider (Business) then you are charged $199 per month for added features which include:

  • Featured Listing
  • Staff Members
  • Invoicing
  • Unlimited Gig Connects
  • Image Gallery
  • Cover image for your business profile
Customers can submit projects as a Task. Task Assignments are the number of times you can apply for a task. This amount is included with the business package and $9.99 per month for Individual packages.

In order to get paid you must have completed the service. After you've completed the booking then you must mark it complete. To do this, login to your dashboard and select Bookings. Locate the service you just completed and scroll to the far right. Select the green arrow to change the status to completed.

Payment will be released to you PayPal email address listed in your profile 48 hours service completion.
48 hours after the booking's complete. This is to allow for any disputes to be processed.