Tech Provider

Yes, in order to get paid as a tech you will need a Stripe account.  A Stripe account is created automatically for you during the signup process.  If you already have an existing Stripe account then it was linked during the sign up process.  Please see their terms and agreement for information regarding Stripe.

In order to get paid, you must mark the booking complete within the dashboard by selecting the "Get Paid" button.  This alerts the customer to confirm the service is done.  Once they mark done, the funds will be available for withdrawal 48 hours later.

The ServiceDesk fee is currently 15%.  This fee covers the credit card transaction fee, support, marketing and use of the platform.

Email if you'd like to be featured on the website.  The cost to be featured is $199 per month.

Login into your dashboard and go to Payments.  Select My Wallet and choose to withdrawal. 

Yes, and we encourage it.  We've created a messaging system to allow you to communicate service info, scheduling and other details to help you get your service booked. 

However, communicating outside the ServiceDesk platform is strictly prohibited and by doing so could result in your profile being removed.


ServiceDesk does not charge its customers a fee to signup.  It is free for customers to use the platform.

We have a review and approval process that includes an identity check. This requires individuals and businesses to prove who they are by submitting verification documents, their resume and LinkedIn profile.

Make sure you are logged in with your customer account, then locate the Tech you'd like to book.  Select "Request Booking" on the right-hand side or scroll to the botton of the profile.  Choose the service and follow the screen prompts.  Once at the booking request form, fill out your name, address, credit card info and request booking.  Note that your card will only be charged if the tech approves the request.  An email mesage will be sent to confirm.

Login to your dashboard and select the future bookings menu item under My Bookings.  Find the service and select cancel.

Yes, we use Stripes secure payment system.